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eHarmony Review: the Best Way to Find True Love, Excitement, and Hookups

eHarmony Review: the Best Way to Find True Love, Excitement, and Hookups
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Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 63%
Popular Age 24-45
Profiles 856 020
Reply Rate 68%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site’s interface is straightforward and easy to navigate.
  • It uses a research-based matching system that is accurate.
  • There is a vast user base to select from, enhancing chances of success.
  • The site also has a mobile app available for free.
  • The premium plans are relatively friendly.
  • The eHarmony website has limited communication features.
  • Free account is nearly useless.

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EHarmony website offers its users a platform to meet in the hope of forming serious relationships. A quick scan through the user profiles reveals that they are more interested in finding love and lasting relationships. EHarmony cannot be placed among dating sites but wouldn’t deny you admission if you belong to the LGBTQ community.

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a Clinical Psychologist, is the founder of this dating service, which he established in 2000. The site boasts of creating up to 15 million matches daily. It also claims in its reports that there are over 600,000 couples who got married after meeting on the platform. Part of this success is attributed to the site’s compatibility matching formula, which streamlines the list of matches to be more precise.

The site also claims to use research data to continually improve the matching system making it more relevant to the users. Furthermore, the site moderators assert that they are focused on comprehending factors that contribute to long-term relationships’ success to make their services more effective.

Are you looking to settle down with the love of your life? Have you ever heard of eHarmony? Do you want to find out whether it lives up to its public reputation? You are in the right place. In this all-inclusive eHarmony review, you’ll learn all the service’s nitty-gritty and whether it’s worth your while.

Member Demographics Of EHarmony

Member Demographics Of EHarmony

The site claims to have a membership of almost 60 million registered users spread over 200 countries around the world. There is virtually an equal representation of men and women on the site. However, there are slightly more men registered on the site.

In terms of age, the majority of the registered users are between 25 and 35 years. The users are usually active and unwavering in their search for the particular person they would live with happily ever after. The user base is populated by individuals who want to get into serious relationships. When you read the profiles, you’ll see many users who state their desire to settle down and start a family.

If you are looking for casual conversations and no strings attached kind of relationships, it will help if you looked elsewhere as you won’t achieve much on the site. Furthermore, according to eHarmony reviews, users with premium accounts stand a better chance of success. Therefore, most users that stay on the site are most likely on premium accounts. Since the premium subscriptions on the site don’t come cheap, it means that your potential match is almost certainly someone stable in life.

Verified User Reviews

Verified User Reviews

There are several reviews by verified eHarmony users and reviewers. Here is an example:

Cicely of Decatur, IN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 6, 2020

“Eharmony claims to provide you with quality matches after you take a shortened personality test. I subscribed for free, but you aren’t able to see those “quality” matches until you purchase a subscription. Of course you cannot purchase a short term subscription. You can however purchase a ridiculously priced, reoccurring subscription. Wait… aren’t you providing me with quality matches? Why must my subscription be reoccurring?

I selected the cheapest, 6 month subscription. My matches popped up and I literally said out loud, are you kidding me! Using a much cheaper site in tandem to eharmony I found that the matches were more quality, and I was able to select more filters. I didn’t have to complete a personality test to find these matches because, I pretty much know what I want and don’t want. I attempted to cancel my subscription 1 day into it. They claim that they have a 3 day no obligation full refund policy. But oh, only did I find out later, that is only in certain states. What? It’s an online virtual dating site! Ok whatever. I deleted my eharmony account with them still collecting my money that they refuse to refund. This company is grabbing at straws to keep up in the online dating scene and they are willing to take advantage of their consumers.”

EHarmony Website Design And Usability

EHarmony Website Design And Usability

EHarmony website uses a friendly interface that users from all walks of life can interact with effortlessly. The layout is modest, and all the different sections are well arranged. Even though the design is simple, it is still visually appealing. The use of colors if friendly to the human eyes, and the backgrounds contrast nicely with the text colors, making them readable to users. The typography also reflects the seriousness with which the site takes the assignment at hand.

The site designers did not try to reinvent the wheel as the site stuck to the conventions. The layout is typical, with the navigation menu at the top and the footer’s information with links to particular sections. The icons and labels used on the site are also conventional, making it easy for new members to follow through with what they want to do easily.

There is also consistency on the eHarmony website. The navigation menu and the footer appear on all the pages. Furthermore, the site uses a consistent color palette that appears on all the pages. You’ll also love the fact that the menus are not jammed with many items, and the pages are also clutter-free.

Even though the design cannot be termed as magnificently modern, it remains competitive because of its functionality. Users can easily access and navigate through it. On the site, users will also find lots of information tips guiding them on what is expected of them. In case you err, the error handling on the platform is excellent. You’ll get an explanation of what your mistake is and what you can do about it.

The site also uses a responsive design, which means you can access it on smaller screens comfortably without having to zoom in and out or scroll left and right. Furthermore, the minimalist design makes the site loads faster, enhancing the user experience. The pages are also partly covered with banners and ads that persuade users to upgrade their membership. Your browsing is not interrupted by any other form of advertisement.

Sign up Process And Login Information

Sign up Process And Login Information

The sign-up process on eHarmony is much more detailed contrasted with that on other dating platforms. The service aims to collect all the essential details from you before letting you interact with other users. However, like on other platforms like transsexual dating sites, eHarmony allows you to register using your email or Facebook account.

Regardless of the method you choose, you’ll not escape the questionnaires and personality tests. All newcomers must answer these comprehensive questions before proceeding. The personality test is made up of questions whose answers will help the service ascertain your personality. The items are ordinarily situational queries that seek to find out the actions you’d take in certain situations.

Compatibility quizzes are inquiries that help the matching algorithm gain more insight into your match’s attributes. In addition to that, you must also reveal the particular characteristics of the partner you are seeking. The things you can talk about include physical features such as height and body type. You can also specify their nationality and other attributes that can be quantified. You must set aside more than ten minutes to complete this process well.

You can now upload a profile picture at this point. When seeking to start a long-term relationship, honesty is critical. Also, in online dating, “pictures speak louder than words” is not cliché. Uploading a profile picture will add strength to your profile. When you read online eHarmony reviews by verified users, you’ll learn that users without profile pictures are not usually taken seriously.

Furthermore, you should not use your pet’s image as your profile picture; use your photo. The picture should be of good quality, and you should be alone. You can take it a notch higher by using a photo of you doing what you love to do to communicate to other users your hobbies. Avoid nudes as users are more interested in knowing who you are not seeing what your momma gave you!

The user profiles are detailed and contain all the information provided during registration. There are other additional sections like a written “About Me” section. Here, the site gives you a chance to talk to other users and let them know who you are in your own words. After that, you’ll also say something about your ideal match.

The majority of eHarmony users have complete profiles with all the sections filled. Each profile has a compatibility tab that lets you know how your attributes fit together in percentage. There is also a Q and A section prepared by the site to help other users know you better.

User Communication

User Communication

EHarmony has limited communication features. Despite there being limited features for users to interact, the site is still useful in its objective. Users can only communicate through messaging, a functionality only accessible by premium users.

Free users have a different, less personal way of reaching out to the potential matches. The site allows them to send up to five questions generated by the website, which the other user can answer or opt not to. As a standard member, you have no way of sending personalized messages to other eHarmony website users. Also, you cannot reply to messages you receive from other users.

If you are a man searching for the queen of your heart, it looks like you’ve got to pay to play. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted to sending winks and adding ladies you like to your favorites list. That’s not going to get you a wife.

EHarmony helps you focus on the business at hand by not granting you access to online or active members. The website only allows you to see the list of possible it proposes to you. If none of the proposed members impresses you, you’ll have to be patient until it updates your list of matches the following day. If you wish to see users even if they are not compatible with you, you need to upgrade your account. The site also offers users basic search filters that allow them to condense the list of possible matches using age, city, or location.

Unique Features

Unique Features

EHarmony does not have many unique features, but it is equipped with all the essential functionalities to enhance your experience on the site. Many of these functionalities you’ve encountered on other sites. Here are the most notable features:

  • Send a smiley – As you browse through the list of matches, you’ll see a smiley icon beneath each profile picture. You can click on the icon to send a smile to a user you are interested in. This is usually a way of instigating a conversation with someone.
  • Send queries – to “break the ice,” the site allows you to send other users site-generated questions to begin a chat or maintain one. All users can send as many questions as they like regardless of their account status.
  • Create Favorites – the site allows users to come up with a list of their favorites. To add a user to this list, you must visit their profile and click the star icon. This can help you reduce your list of matches to only those you like.
  • What if? – To access this feature, you must upgrade to a premium account. The unique feature grants users access to 30 additional matches that are outside their list of preferences. With these added matches, you increase your chances of finding a partner.
  • Video date – This feature allows users to meet their matches via video. It is a great way to use to know more about your partner before meeting them.

What About The Mobile App?

What About The Mobile App?

EHarmony website has a corresponding mobile application available for both iOS and Android users. Users are not charged any fee to download the app. The design of the app is similar to that used on the website. The interface is clutter-free, and users can easily navigate.

Users don’t have to worry about ads interrupting their online dating experience. Several eHarmony reviews reveal that users prefer to use the mobile app. This is usually true for all dating platforms, including niche sites like the transsexual dating sites.

Users can quickly scan through the list of probable matches and lists of their favorite matches on the app. You can access all the features available on the website from the app. The app is preferred by users who are always moving and don’t spend much time on their PCs. With the app, they are liberty to get in touch with other users whenever and wherever.

Other users’ profile photos are also blurred, just like on the website. You must upgrade your account to access these profile pictures. The costs of upgrading your account on the mobile app are similar to those on the site.

Membership Plans And Costs

EHarmony uses the system applied by other dating sites where new members are allowed to operate a free account as they gauge the site’s services. However, free accounts wouldn’t help users do much on the site. The fact that the website has limited the essential communication features to premium accounts means that paying users enjoy the services better. But, the standard version gives new users enough access to help them decide.

Features You Can Access For Free

As a newbie on eHarmony, you can do the following free of charge:

  • You can create a user account and profile.
  • You can “wink” to users whose profiles you like.
  • The site lets you scan through other users’ profiles.
  • You can post up to five questions generated by the site.
  • You can keep a record of your favorites.

Premium Features

When you’re done sampling and feel you’re ready to take your experience to the next level, here is what you’ll get access to:

  • The site lets you see other users’ pictures.
  • You’ll know when a user adds you as their favorite.
  • You can see users who checked you out.
  • You get access to unrestricted messaging.
  • You can browse incognito.
  • You can also get additional matches.

Here are the membership plans you can choose from:

Premium Plan Duration Costs Total
Light 6 Months 10.98 USD / Month 65.90 USD
Plus 12 Months 1.91 USD / Month 22.95 USD
Extra 24 Months 0.75 USD / Month 17.95 USD

From the payment plans above, it is evident that the service encourages users to take more extended memberships by making them more economical. However, it would help if you went for the plan that best suits your objectives and budget. According to eHarmony reviews online, the Premium Plus is the most popular plan.

Payment Methods And Administration

Payment Methods And Administration

Users can make their payments for their chosen premium plan via Credit Card or PayPal. Concerning discretion, when you make the payment, it appears on your Credit Card statement as eHarmony. The payments are also flexible. The site allows users to pay using a three-month installment plan. Users can also get free coupons and weekend promotions. Also is you join during the festive season, you might get a complimentary premium account.

User Safety

The eHarmony website is committed to its members’ safety. It has put in place several measures that ensure that their users interact in a safe environment. On the technical side, the site uses SSL encryption, making it safe to enter your credit card information.

Aside from that, it also commits to keeping the information users provide during registration and on their profiles safe. The safety protocols are both physical and digital. On the physical front, there is restricted physical access to the premises that house the computer systems. Digitally, they use firewalls and other security technologies to keep away hackers and malicious programs.

They also give power to the user to be responsible for their security. For instance, when you encounter a user with suspect tendencies, the site allows you to block them. When you block a user, you’ll not appear on their searches, and they cannot communicate with you.

The inability of free users to send messages is a security enhancement in itself. Scammers are not usually willing to spend their money. The requirement that only premium members can send personalized messages reduces scammers and con artists’ activities significantly. However, some types take their con games to the next level and even use a premium account. How do you identify a scammer?

  • They might invite you to chat outside the platform by sending you a link.
  • They usually are quick to ask for your personal contacts.
  • Some may even ask you to bail them out of a situation by sending them money after gaining your trust.
  • When their conversations are mechanical or use broken English, be careful.
  • Sometimes they are too perfect.

When dating online, your guard should always be up. Here are some useful secrets you can use to stay safe online:

  • Read eHarmony Reviews by other users on how they visit safe to learn from them.
  • When you find someone you like, please do a thorough background check on them before becoming serious with them. Not everyone is who they say they are.
  • Don’t share your private details like contacts or physical address on your profile.
  • Avoid clicking on any external links sent to you by other users.
  • Don’t send money to a stranger claiming to be stranded or something that might appeal to your sympathy.
  • Use the video call feature to know your match better.
  • When you decide to meet, don’t allow them to pick you from your home.
  • Finally, meet in a public place, not in your apartment or theirs.



From this eHarmony review, you can see that the site is committed to finding your perfect partner. However, the power is in your hands. You must take your time and fill all the relevant sections to get the most accurate matches. You must then be ready to upgrade to gain access to the messaging feature that’ll help you convince your potential partner that you are the one. The site is gracious enough to offer several plans to choose from with flexible payment arrangements.

You’ll be safe on the platform, but you must also play your part to complement the site’s efforts. If you were looking for dating sites, you might love the services you’ll get here. However, if you are interested in casual relationships, you’ll have to look elsewhere. For individuals who feel they’re ready to settle down in life and are looking for someone to settle down with, create your eHarmony account today and start looking for your ideal partner.

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