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SilverSingles Review: the Best Way to Find True Love, Excitement, and Hookups

SilverSingles Review: the Best Way to Find True Love, Excitement, and Hookups
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Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 45-60
Profiles 3 900 850
Reply Rate 78%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Website - We all know that the younger generation can easily grasp any technology thrown at them, but with people over the age of 50, it will take some time for them. Hence, the designers have made the website so that no person would find it difficult to navigate through the website. The developers and designers at SilverSingles are continuously working towards making the website even better.
  • Userbase - Many dating apps and websites were released that were meant for the young generation. There was a lack of dating websites that were made for people over the age of 50. But this website is solely dedicated to them. So, the userbase is filled with people over 50 years.
  • Customer Service - The website has an amazing support staff for the users who face any difficulty with the website. You can either email the support staff or even call them, and on top of it, they also have a separate FAQ section that answers many doubts and questions of the user. SilverSingles has brilliant customer service.
  • Personality test - During the sign-up process, the website will give you a questionnaire that you have to answer. Completing this questionnaire will give you matches that are suitable for you.
  • Unlike other dating sites, this website has a lengthy sign-up process, which will take you up to 15-20 mins to complete. The sign-up process is lengthy to give you better matches and stop people from making scam or fake profiles on SilverSingles.
  • Messages - It is common to message a person on a dating website when you like that person. This website doesn't allow free users to send and receive messages from other users. You have to choose one of their premium membership plans to talk or converse with your matches.
  • Search - People who have used many dating websites know the importance of search bar and their filters, but on this website, you won't be able to search for people with your preferences. SilverSingles automatically matches you based on the personality test you took at the beginning of the sign-up process, eliminating the need for a search bar. But this is a drawback for the website considering the importance of the search bar.
  • Gay & Lesbian Relationship - This is easily one of the biggest drawbacks of this website. This website doesn't allow homosexual relationships and hence only brings you matches of your opposite gender.

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SilverSingles was first introduced in 2002 as PrimeSingles.net, and after many iterations and changes, the parent company finally settled for the current name for the website. The website has helped many individuals who are over 50 find their partner or even a date. The simplified design and special features have won many hearts and have gained a special place in the public’s hearts since the website’s inception. You separately don’t have to visit dating sites if you are looking for a transsexual.

The reviews praise the features and the website’s complete design that can be used by the user to extract the maximum out of the website. On this website, people can meet others to date or find a partner. The userbase is solely dedicated to people over the age of 50. This website is not recommended for youth because this userbase is not recommended as they won’t find people of their age.

SilverSingles website has gone through many changes. Over the years, the developers and designers have tried to find the best design possible for the website that suites the website’s features and overall look. Currently, the website is pretty smooth, and you won’t find any trouble in handling it. Since people over the age of 50 aren’t as familiar with technology, they have done their best and made the website as simple as possible.

Features like the personality test at the beginning of the sign-up process on the SilverSingles website will help you give you more accurate matches. Still, at the same time, due to this, you won’t be able to search for people since you are already getting matches. The messaging feature can also be enabled only when you are a part of one of the membership plans that this website provides.

Irrespective of the cons, this website provides good dating services along with easy-to-use website design. So you won’t find any difficulty while navigating. The website has some useful features that could attract customers, but it also has a fair share of disadvantages that might push away some customers. Irrespective of those pros and cons, SilverSingles has been one of the leading websites that offer dating services, and many customers use it daily and find their date or their partner.

How Does SilverSingles Work?

How Does SilverSingles Work?

It is pretty simple to understand how the website works. The following is how you operate the website:

  • Enter the website, and you will see options. The first one will ask if you are a woman or a man, and the second option will ask you if you are looking for a woman or a man. You can choose anything that you prefer. Then you have to accept the terms and conditions of the website. This is the first step in signing up.
  • Now, the website works on matches, and unlike other websites, on SilverSingles, you cannot search for people based on your preferences using the filters. You will automatically be matched with people based on the personality test. Now that you have entered your gender and which gender you prefer, you will have to answer a series of questions.
  • Answering these questions will take up a lot of your time, so fasten your seatbelts and get clicking. The answers you give to the website are then used to set you up with people of the same preferences. The website will provide you with around five matches every day.
  • After you have completed the questionnaire, the website will give you matches, and if you like those matches, you can message them and get on with your dating. Still, the drawback is that you cannot send or receive any messages from other users unless you choose a premium plan. If you choose from one of the three plans that SilverSingles offer, you can easily send and receive messages.
  • And if you face any issue with a particular user, you can contact the support team of the website, and if it seems too much, you can directly block them by pressing the block button on any user.

Using this website is pretty simple: You create an account, take the personality test, get matches, and message the person you like. It’s that simple.

Registration And Signup Process

Registration And Signup Process

On other dating websites, it will hardly take you 2 mins to complete the sign-up process and hence why there are so many fake and scam profiles present on those websites. But on the SilverSingles website, the sign-up process is long, and hence there are very few same profiles on the website, and even if there are any, the support staff do their best to remove such users or accounts. The following is the registration process for this website:

  • The website will first ask you your age, email address, and gender to start. So, make sure you give the correct details to the website.
  • Now comes the lengthy part of registration. The website provides you a lot of questions for you to answer, and these questions will be related to your preferences like if you smoke, if you like pets, your religious preference, etc.
  • This is a mandatory process for any user since the whole website is based on providing you with matches rather than you searching for them. These answers that you give to the questions will be used as a reference to understand and provide you with matches every day. SilverSingles website will provide you with 5 matches daily, and although it might not seem much, the company believes that provides such fewer targets can be more precise and accurate than filling your whole feed with tons of matches.
  • After the questionnaire, you will be asked to choose your current location and the distance you prefer—doing these zeros down on the matches that the website can give you.
  • Now, you have to upload a photo of yours so others can see how you look. The website allows you to upload around 24 photos of yours. You can either upload these photos from Facebook or from the device that you are using to sign-up.

This is the basic sign-up process for SilverSingles’ website. It might look tiring, but it will all feel worth your time after you get a few matches.

Messaging Other Profiles

Messaging Other Profiles

This SilverSingles review will help you to know about the messaging feature. Unfortunately, if you are a free user on this website, then you cannot message people. To message, you have to buy one of the three premium plans that this website offers. After your purchase, you can easily message any person you want to on this website. This was done to prevent more scam accounts from interacting with the actual users trying to find a date or a partner. Since only the people searching for a date or partner pay for the plan, the scammers won’t waste their time on this website.

You cannot directly search for people on SilverSingle, but you can set your preferences to get the matches that feel comfortable to you.

Mobile Application

Yes, the website has a mobile application version that can be downloaded by people worldwide irrespective of the mobile phone they are using. The mobile application is available on both the Play Store and the App Store. The application works the same way the websites makes the only difference might be the placement of sections and options might be different. The mobile application is as easy as the website to use; there will be no difficulty using it. The features, too, are the same on the mobile application and have the same functionality as the SilverSingles website.

The mobile application is the pref/erred alternative to the website due to the app’s usability and memory. You don’t have to log in every time you open the app, but when you open the website, you probably have to log in every time, and hence it will waste your using the website. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference and comfort.

Special Features

Special Features

The website and mobile application of this dating service have many special features that can help the user find matches. The following are the exclusive features on SilverSingles:

  • Profiles – Many dating websites out there do not provide much information about the profiles, but you can know everything about a person by just looking at their profile if you use this dating website. You can see their age, sex, height, occupation, smoking preference, and the language they speak in a profile.

Apart from this, you can see a brief description of the person in under 250 words. This will give you a good insight into what the person is and what he/she wants. You can also see what the person wants in a relationship or if he/she doesn’t want a relationship to begin with. So, the profiles on SilverSingles will give you good information about the person.

  • Favorite singles list – Suppose you like a person but want to start a conversation later, then you can add the person to your favorite list. When you add a person to this list, he/she will be noticed that they have been added to a favorite’s list. You can later access the list and message that person.
  • Communication – You, of course, have to be part of one of the three membership plans to send messages, and when you do, you can converse with the person in many ways. You can send flirts, smiles, etc. There will also be ice-breakers messages available to start a conversation for you. To communicate with a profile, all you have to do is press the message button on their profile.

SilverSingles has many exclusive features that you won’t find on any other dating website or mobile application. The users can unlock these features by buying one of the three premium plans.

Membership Plans

Membership Plans

The website has 4 plans in total for its users. The following are the membership plans that the users can buy to unlock many features:

  • 1-month plan – You will be paying $119.95 for a month of the membership plan. This can be useful for the ones who want to test the website.
  • Three months plan – This plan will cost you $174, and you will be paying $58 monthly.
  • Six months plan – It will cost you $45 monthly, and for six months, it will cost you $270.
  • Twelve months plan – This plan will cost you $384, and monthly you will be paying $32.

If you are unhappy with the services, you can cancel your subscription at any point. With the subscription on SilverSingles, you can exchange messages, like photos, comment on photos, etc. You can unlock many features once you choose one of the membership plans. You cannot do much on this website if you are a free user; you cannot even message other people.

Similar Applications And Websites

Similar Applications And Websites

OurTime – This website also targets people who are above 50 years of age and are searching for a partner. On this website, people can find and interact with people. Users can find friends, dates, and even the people who are interested in relationships. There’s no end to who you can find on this website. Users can text, chat, and even email other users on this website. The website provides matches for users, so it will be easy to connect and interact with people.

Tinder – Unlike SilverSingles, tinder doesn’t have any specific audience, although this application is popular amongst the young generation to find a date and people interested in a relationship. The app has many features that can be used by users to find their matches. The subscription plans are also reasonable with the features it offers. This isn’t the ideal app for people over the age of 50.

Zoosk – This website is also popular among younger people and has many features that can benefit the users. The membership plans are also good, which can be bought with the price mentioned on the website. SilverSingles website caters to people of any age and doesn’t limit itself to a particular age limit. However, you have to be over 18 years to use this application.

OkCupid – This website is one of the leading dating services currently present in the market. This website and its mobile application are completely free to any person who wants to use it. You can freely message and get matches without any extra cost. Although the membership plans are beneficial to users, you can do an advanced search with the membership plans’ help. You also get a free boost every day with the membership plans. The reviews are excellent, and the website works brilliantly. They also have a mobile application for the convenience of the users.


SilverSingles website hasn’t been involved in any controversies lately. So, the website and the application is reliable from the reviews and track record.


When you install this website’s mobile application, it will ask you permission for various things like a camera, microphone, contacts, etc., but it is all up to you. You can permit the application for which you are comfortable with. The company doesn’t force you to give those permissions. You will get to know more about this site through SilverSingles review.

What Protective Measures Does SilverSingles Take To Keep My Data Safe

In today’s age, privacy has become one of the biggest concerns while using any dating website or application. There’s fear that the company might sell their data or leak the photos that they post on the website, and to be completely honest, the fear is valid considering how many people are trying to scam and trick people these days. At SilverSingles, developers work every day to make the user experience even better than it already is, and security is one of the biggest concerns for them.

Before signing up, any user is shown a terms and conditions list and their privacy policy. This is shown during the signing up process. Every user must read the privacy policy and agree with the policy to move forward and complete the registration process on this website. The website doesn’t leak or sell your data to other third party companies for profit, but in the privacy policy, they mention that they can use your profile for other websites that you aren’t registered for. These other dating companies come under the same company that owns SilverSingles.

So, this website is pretty reliable when it comes to dating, and if you still don’t trust this website, you can read all the reviews that other websites and users have left for this website. You should also read the privacy policy before signing up to make sure you didn’t miss out on any part that you will regret later. It is safe to say that you can share your photos and send texts on this dating website without any worries but at the same time, you never what can happen, so always be alert about what you are doing on this website. SilverSingles reviews will help you in getting all the answers.



SilverSingles has been around for almost 18 years, and the userbase has only grown more robust along with the impeccable reviews. This website is one of the few websites that mainly focuses on people over the age of 50. We don’t see many websites or apps that are useful for people of this age. This website was introduced to the public for the sole purpose of people over the age of 50.

The website design and features make your time worthwhile. The website is not difficult to navigate and can be done by any person who wants to date someone using it. Maybe if it had included a search option, the website would’ve been the best dating website for people over 50 years of age, but unfortunately, there is no such feature. Developers at SilverSingles continuously work and plan on what could be improved in their website and mobile application to make users’ lives much more comfortable. So, they might release a version of the website where you can search for people with advanced filters at some point in the future.

The pricing also feels reasonable if you choose the 6-month or the 12-month plan, but of course, it depends on your comfort and convenience. You can choose from any of the plans that the website provides, and in doing so, you can unlock many features that you can use to use the website or the mobile application to its maximum potential. Being a free user on this website doesn’t help you much, so it is preferred to go for a premium plan on SilverSingles.

It would help if you also read website reviews to know what you are signing up for. These reviews must come from reliable sources because many websites will get paid to give good reviews. At first glance, the website might not like attractive or appealing to you, but you will enjoy using it as you use it and get to know more about the website. Every section and option useful to the user is mentioned on the website so that navigation won’t be a problem. If you face any problem, you can go on the FAQ page of the SilverSingles reviews and check for solutions to your problems. Overall this is a good website for people over 50 to meet and date people.

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