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DaddyHunt Review: the Best Way to Find True Love, Excitement, and Hookups

DaddyHunt Review: the Best Way to Find True Love, Excitement, and Hookups
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Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 65%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 850 600
Reply Rate 67%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No ads- The website doesn't feature a single ad and gives a smooth experience to the users.
  • Interface- The interface of the website and the app are highly intuitive and easy to use.
  • Features- The website offers top-class features. Also, a majority of the website's features are available for free users too.
  • Media exchange- Photos, as well as videos, can be exchanged through the instant messaging feature.
  • Usability- For standard users, usability remains limited.
  • Pricing- The pricing might seem to be a bit unreasonable to some of the users.
  • No website- The platform is available only in the form of a mobile application, and the DaddyHunt website is not available.

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DaddyHunt online dating platform specifically meant for the gay and lesbian community.

The modern-day dating scene has drastically changed after the introduction of online dating platforms. While there are dating platforms explicitly dedicated to specific religions, races, or ethnicities, some platforms are dedicated to people with specific gender orientation and sexual preferences.

DaddyHunt is one such app. It is specifically dedicated to the gay population. It proudly advertises itself as an app designed for the gay, bisexual and sexually curious men. With all the stigma around the LGBTQ+ community, it is becoming lower and the community being accepted socially.

Here in this review, you will learn the different aspects of the website.

How Is The Interface? Is It Convenient To Use?

How Is The Interface? Is It Convenient To Use?

In the current online dating scenario for gay men, the website is considered the best online dating platform for men over 40. Although the most frequent age group on the app is 35-45, gay men from all age groups are available and registered. These men might be looking for a short-term as well as a long-term relationship. A majority of the members on the platform belong to the USA. It must be due to the social, cultural, and traditional liberalism and open-mindedness inculcated in the American population. With around 200,000 men registered on the platform, DaddyHunt has gained a pretty substantial user base.

The platform is limited to a mobile app. The website is a landing page designed by the company so that interested people might come for help. The website contains links to download the mobile version for Android as well as iOS. The website also has an FAQ section and a link to customer care. The customer care unit of the company is efficient and won’t disappoint you.

The signup process and login are straightforward and quick. To start browsing and looking for gay men, all you have to do is register yourself and create a profile. The process of registration takes hardly 05 to 10 minutes. After you download the mobile app, you will have to provide some necessary details like name, nationality, etc. to get going. You will have to enter a valid email ID to open an account. This email ID must be confirmed. To confirm your email ID, a confirmation mail would be sent to that email ID provided by you. All you have to do is to click on the link given in the confirmation email. If you are not receiving the mail, don’t forget to check your email’s spam and promotions section. Then you are supposed to choose a password. Make sure you devise and choose a strong password to prevent your account from being compromised. You can also use an alternative method to login by using Facebook. You will have to login through your Facebook account. All the other details would be automatically imported from Facebook.

While writing a DaddyHunt review, it is essential to inform you that the app relies mostly on pictures. Hence, uploading good pictures on the platform is extremely important. It will increase your chances of getting matched and getting a suitable partner. Also, the platform is extremely strict about the pictures and profiles and scrutinizes them strictly. All the profile pictures uploaded will be reviewed. If any of them are found not to be following the community standards, they will be taken down. Blurry photos, group pictures, explicit photos, pictures of cute animals, and any such photos other than well-lit headshots of the highest quality will be rejected. Apart from this profile picture, you are also allowed to upload five more pictures on the profile. These can be any pictures as long as it is not something shady or explicit. Note that only premium users will be able to access these pictures.

You can furthermore personalize your profile by linking your social media accounts. These might include Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram. Note that you will be dismissed if you are joining the platform only to increase your other social media accounts’ reach. When you link these accounts, people will more closely be able to know about you.

The app also relies on location to bring you matches. Once you enter your location, you will be provided with all the eligible and relevant matches in your locality. To look up for guys from other cities, you will have to pay for a premium account.

When you are done with the registration, you will be able to look up for profiles and browse them. There are around two million profiles on the DaddyHunt website, from which you can choose the ones that you think are best suited for you. At any given time, around 4000 men are active on the platform. With all the activities continually going on the platform, you will quickly start getting matches and ‘admirers.’ The profiles put in front of you will display the name, age, relationship status, location, and partner the man is looking for.

It might be mentioned in several DaddyHunt reviews as this is an essential aspect of the dating platform, that the platform believes in consensual communication. It means that you cannot chat with random profiles on the platform. You will be given matching profiles on your feed. You have to either left or right swipe the profile. Left swipe means you dislike the profile, while the right swipe means that you like the profile. When you right swipe a profile, and your profile is right-swiped by the other person, the chat option will be activated automatically. You would be able to have conversations and send media to the other person. Also, the media that you send will disappear after being viewed once. This step is taken to prevent any mishap related to the sharing of private pictures and malicious content.

DaddyHunt is primarily a mobile app. Hence, the utmost preference is given, for it is a high-quality dating app. The interface of the app is fantastic and very easy to use. The options are put well in front of you. The app uses a cheerful color scheme, which makes the app look fresh and cheerful.

The app is highly user-friendly. The options are put well, navigation is easy, and features are not at all confusing. You can easily use the app even if you are not so technologically sound.

The DaddyHunt app is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can download it from Google PlayStore as well as Apple Appstore. The app sizes around 100 MB. While this is not too much space to ask for, the app runs smoothly on almost every device. It can run on background and doesn’t strain your device much. Also, it doesn’t take up a lot of battery from your phone, proving to be energy efficient. Currently, around 87,500 users use the app on an Android device. Around 33,000 people use the app on a device working on iOS.

What Platforms Can Be Used Instead Of DaddyHunt?

What Platforms Can Be Used Instead Of DaddyHunt?
  • Scruff

Scruff is an app specifically designed for gay, bi, trans, and queer guys only. It is a safe and reliable community for the GBTQ+ people. It was started by 2010 by Johnny Sanders and Eric Silverberg. After being banned from the PlayStore for undisclosed reasons multiple times, the platform has strictly banned nudity and semi-nude photos. It makes Scruff a less raunchy, erotic, and a bit mild platform for the community. The platform provides excellent features like Scruff match, Scruff events, and Scruff venture. The platform is available in free as well as in paid form. The users on the platform are active and 100 percent genuine. Overall, it poses as a great alternative to DaddyHunt.

  • Grindr

Grindr rightfully boasts itself to be the first online dating platform for gay men based on location. Gay, bi, trans, and queer singles can use Grindr to find a perfect partner for themselves according to their choice in a completely safe environment. There are around 3,000,000 registered users on the platform from the USA only. Around 500,000 users are active weekly. It makes Grindr one of the biggest and most used trans dating platform. It provides some of the most efficient and unique features specifically designed for a gay dating platform. Some of them include Gaymojis, tap, favorite explore, and Discreet App Icon. It makes Grindr one of the notable alternatives to DaddyHunt.

  • Growlr

Growlr is a similar platform specifically designed for the gay community. The app features a bear that is projected as a gay man. The app was designed and launched in 2010 by Initech LLC. Registration on the platform is efficient and straightforward. It does not require email or profile picture verification. Due to this, likely, some of the profiles on the platform are not genuine. The platform is available only in the form of a mobile app. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS. It can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore as well as Apple Appstore. While the app provides several good features, the ‘bears’ feature is the most popular. Other features include Check-ins, Events, Bars, Meets, and Notes.

What Features Are Offered By The Platform?

What Features Are Offered By The Platform?

A DaddyHunt review is incomplete without the mention of it’s unique and efficient features. The platform features make it one of the best online dating platforms and give it an upper hand over the others. Below mentioned are some of the best features of the app.

  • Private Mode

This feature has been introduced to mark the privacy of your account. This feature allows you to customize whether who has access to see your profile. Only the ones you approve can see your profile after you turn this feature on. Precisely, when you turn this feature on, what happens is your profile is visible to only those people whose profile you have liked. In this way, the visibility of your profile is solely dependent on your discretion. Also, you have added advantage of customization.

  • Fingerprint security

This feature is dependent on the compatibility of your smartphone. It so happens that many of your colleagues, or friends, or family often know the PIN or password to your phone. It is for convenience purposes. However, it can be specifically tricky or awkward if any of them stumble upon your online dating life. To prevent this, DaddyHunt has provided a fingerprint lock to the app. You can use this to keep the app safe from others using your device. However, as told before, your phone must be compatible and must have a fingerprint sensor to use this feature.

  • Unmatch

It can happen that the people you once used to like don’t please you anymore. It happens so often in real life than it is most likely to happen online. The platform, aware of this basic human tendency, has introduced a feature where you can ‘unlike’ someone you previously had liked. You can also erase the chat history whenever you feel like doing it.

  • Power Like

This feature helps in cutting down the lengthy process of matching. As mentioned above, DaddyHunt believes in consent before communication. To ensure this, the chat feature only activates when two people have mutually liked each other profiles. Now, this process can take time. Hence, the platform came up with this feature. Using a Power Like, you can ensure that the other person knows that you have liked their profile. When you like someone’s profile using this feature, they get notified that you have liked their profile. They can now decide whether to like back and enable communication or not. In this way, Power Like keeps a check on the lengthy process of communication.

  • The members on the platform are divided into three categories.
  • Daddy- older, mature partner
  • Hunter- a young guy, generally looking for an older partner or a ‘daddy.’
  • Mister- the ones who are not able to decide their category fall into this category.

Subscription Plans And Pricing

Subscription Plans And Pricing

The app can be used based on free as well as paid subscriptions. The paid version is called the premium version. Although both versions offer different features, it is a specialty of DaddyHunt that provides a good number of excellent features to the free subscription users. Below given is the pricing of the paid subscription plans.

  • You will have to pay $4.99 (US) for a month.
  • You will have to pay $16.99 (US) for three months. That means a monthly expenditure of $5.99 (US).
  • You will have to pay $59.99 (US) for a year (12 months). That means a monthly expenditure of around $5 (US).

Below listed are the features provided by DaddyHunt in the free version of the app.

  • You can complete your registration on the platform.
  • You can create a profile.
  • You can browse through selective profiles on the platform.
  • You can like other profiles.
  • You will be granted one power like when using the free version.

Below listed are the features exclusively available in the premium version of the app.

  • Basic features available in the free version are available in the premium version too. These include registration, creation of a profile, browse other profiles, etc.
  • You can modify your location to see other members.
  • You can search and edit your likes.
  • You can view private photos posted on other profiles.
  • You can customize your search by adding the filters available for the premium members.
  • You can check who has liked your profile.
  • You can have the privilege of choosing the people for whom your profile is visible.

You can pay via your mobile phone or your credit card. The amount will be deducted from the account linked to your app store. There is no provision of auto deduction. Payment will be made when you confirm the purchase.

You can cancel your subscription any time by visiting your phone’s app store or the app’s settings menu.

Can You Change The Payment Options For DaddyHunt?

Yes. You can choose to pay by using a credit card or your iTunes or AppStore account.

What The Platform Takes Safety And Security Measures?

What The Platform Takes Safety And Security Measures?

DaddyHunt is aware of scammers and fraudsters mingling on online dating websites and is committed to keeping the platform safe for all.

If someone is particularly making you uncomfortable, you can always choose to block him. All you have to do is visit his profile, click on the three dots on the top of his profile, and choose the option ‘block user.’

If you think someone is a bully, an escort, or is harassing you, you can report it to the platform and help him get detention. You have to visit the person’s profile, click on the three dots on the top, and click on ‘report user.’ You will then be provided some options through which you can give details of the user and why you felt the need to report him. You can also send an email at [email protected]. Please note that while reporting, add as many details as possible regarding the profile.

The app uses 28-bit encryption technology to keep your data safe. Also, all the transactions made are secured by the latest and the most efficient security systems.

How Can I Decide Whether Who Communicates With Me On DaddyHunt

How Can I Decide Whether Who Communicates With Me On DaddyHunt

Any person can only message you when you like his profile. If you don’t like his profile, the message feature doesn’t activate, and the user can’t contact you.

Also, you cam unlike anyone as per your wish. It will no longer be able to communicate with you. Also, you can delete all the chat history according to your wish.

How To Block Or Report A Profile?

How To Block Or Report A Profile?

To block and report a profile, first, visit the profile. Then click on the three dots (options menu) on the top of the profile. Then you will come across the options of ‘block’ and ‘report.’ You can choose one or both according to your discretion.

What Information Should Be Refrained From Posting On DaddyHunt?

According to the platform’s policies, you should refrain from posting any personal information, personal contact information, address, bank account details, credit card details, religious preferences, and orientation, and details regarding your family.

Is DaddyHunt Infested By Scammers?

Is DaddyHunt Infested By Scammers?

Any dating platform cannot be a hundred percent free of scammers. However, at DaddyHunt, the utmost precautions are taken, and these scammers are removed and banned from the platform. The profiles are scrutinized continuously, and the ones with suspicious activity are immediately suspended. Overall, the service provided by the platform is entirely legit.

How To Contact?

How To Contact?
  • Company- DH Services, LLC
  • Address- 1237 Garards Fort Rd

Waynesburg, PA, 15370-6700 United States


The website has been a landmark in online dating services for men. The app profiles are legit—the environment on the app the safe, free from bullies, and user friendly. The gay population can look for partners without any judgment. The platform follows the latest security norms and practices. Overall, if you are gay and looking for a partner, DaddyHunt might be the ideal platform for you.

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